Renewable Energy

Climate change, job creation, the pursuit of energy independence and the increased costs of traditional energy sources have refocused the national spotlight on renewable and alternative energy technology. Governments have responded with incentives and mandates that are spurring innovation from small entrepreneurs and large companies alike. Supporting companies that seek to capitalize on the future of energy is a primary focus of the Energy & Natural Resources group at Husch Blackwell.

From pioneering start-up technologies to some of the largest wind and solar developments in the country, Husch Blackwell serves many of today’s most innovative renewable energy companies.  Our clients are involved in every aspect of modernizing the energy industry. Our deep, extensive history representing independent power producers and electric utilities in all facets of their business gives us vast institutional knowledge regarding the matters affecting renewable energy projects. Developers, investors, owners and lenders depend on us to help complete and launch their groundbreaking renewable projects with speed and efficiency. Emerging clean-tech companies and alternative fuels entrepreneurs rely on us to help bring their technologies to market.

Electric Transmission

The U.S. power grid provides the backbone for the wide-scale adoption and use of computers, electronics and other electric-powered devices for business and personal use. Modernization of our grid is vital to guaranteeing companies and individuals uninterrupted access to vital power supply.  Husch Blackwell is at the leading edge of the business, regulatory and legislative matters affecting electric transmission in the United States. Thanks to our history and depth of involvement in the energy industry, the members of our team understand the evolving energy markets and how the assets underlying those markets are developed and operated, both with respect to traditional and renewable energy resources.

Our an industry-focused team of lawyers gives clients a competitive advantage in the development and acquisition of transmission assets across the United States. In addition to the negotiation of transmission service and interconnection agreements, our team has a wide range of transmission-specific experience across various legal disciplines, from regulatory and legislative policy guidance and advocacy to the development, construction and acquisition of transmission facilities. We represent clients before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), state regulatory bodies, and state and federal courts on the full range of transmission-related matters.

Oil & Gas

U.S. oil and natural gas production is undergoing tremendous change, reshaping the world’s energy markets and creating unprecedented demand for midstream infrastructure, from pipelines to storage facilities. These challenges present opportunity, and our skilled group of attorneys will help reduce regulatory risks, meet demands for capital and overcome hurdles in production from horizontal drilling and development of the country’s major shale plays.

Our attorneys routinely develop and negotiate long-term agreements for the supply, purchase, processing and exchange of natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs). Producers, marketers and operators of gathering systems, processing plants, refineries and transportation systems benefit from our industry-focused team that offers expertise in all major areas of law affecting their businesses, operations and sales.

Our energy team includes multiple former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) lawyers, including a former FERC chairman and the principal legislative draftsman of the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, and offers clients the knowledge to anticipate and handle the full spectrum of regulatory matters affecting the industry. We work with federal, state, tribal and local agencies to permit midstream oil and gas gathering, treating, processing, transportation and storage systems. And we represent shipper clients in proceedings under the Interstate Commerce Act.

Environmental and Regulatory

An increasingly complex regulatory environment has produced greater challenges for both regulated energy companies doing business in the United States and unregulated companies whose operations are directly affected by federal and state regulation. Husch Blackwell’s team has the proven experience and depth of energy industry knowledge to help clients navigate the web of federal and state agency requirements and the resources to handle regulatory, litigation and business issues affecting the electricity, natural gas, petroleum products, crude oil and renewable sectors.

Environmental issues demand significant attention and resources from energy companies, are becoming increasingly complex and challenging.  These challenges demand careful, creative and appropriate solutions to protect your right to operate, meet your customers’ expectations, and protect your business interests. Husch Blackwell has earned a reputation for offering high-quality environmental representation in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We often serve as national environmental counsel for our clients. Companies in the oil, mining, power, manufacturing, transportation and manufacturing industries seek our representation in addressing a broad spectrum of environmental scenarios.

In the face of increasing demand for corporate stewardship related to greenhouse gas emissions, companies seek ways to manage the impact of greenhouse gas regulations and capitalize on new opportunities. To assist in these efforts, Husch Blackwell’s climate change advisory team crosses practice areas and industry teams to provide practical guidance with a multidisciplinary approach. Businesses of all sizes benefit from our experience in developing and implementing state-of-the-art sustainability practices and procedures. Our team is well-versed on the full array of global climate change issues and opportunities.

Mining & Minerals

Although domestic production of coal and its share of U.S. electricity generation are on the decline, the future of American metals mining and is very robust. Our attorneys keep pace with issues surrounding the evolution of the mining and coal industries to meet the needs of domestic producers and help clients discover new opportunities, both domestically and globally. Our industry veterans regulatory agency experience and long track record of successful client representation, uniquely position our team to handle the full scope of legal issues facing today’s mining companies. Clients trust Husch Blackwell’s mining and minerals team to assist with a variety of matters, including environmental, labor safety and health, corporate, real estate, and development.